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ELNO Societe Nouvelle S.A.S

43 Rue Michel Carre
95102 Argenteuil

ELNO ́s H-280 is the German Army ́s choice when it comes to Combat Vehicle Crewman`s Helmets (CVC) for more than thirty years. In a market test of different CVC-helmets in April 2018 the German Army came to the result that the performance of ELNO ́s H-280 is still unmatched when it comes to noise cancelling, audio quality and safety for itssoldiers.The H-280, developed for the usage in Leopard battle tanks, protects the soldier from high ambient noise while guaranteeing the highest speech intelligibility. The H-280 can be combined with a leather cap for bump and shock protection or a ballistic shell to protect the soldier in battle from projectiles.ELNO is proud to be a long-term strategic partner for the German Army and is looking forward to enhancingthissuccessful relationship over the coming decades with its reliable and up-to-date products.