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Envirotech Vehicles

1425 Ohlendorf Road
Osceola, AR 72370
United States

Envirotech Vehicles (EVTV) is a transportation industry-leading provider and manufacturer of purpose-built, all-electric, zero-emission vehicles and zero-emission drive trains for integration in medium to heavy-duty commercial fleet vehicles. We serve commercial and last-mile delivery fleets, school districts, public and private transportation service companies, colleges, and universities and meet the increasing demand for heavy-duty electric vehicles.

EVTV brings over 30 years of in-depth industry expertise to our valued customers, as well as access to an innovative, growing customer-ready product line of vehicles, systems and technology. We focus on providing our customers with unique, cost-effective solutions and addressing the challenges of traditional fuel price cost instability and local, state and federal environmental regulatory compliance.

Through a strategic partnership with Garsite, a leader in aviation refueling equipment, EVTV recently delivered two all-electric aircraft refuelers to Atlantic Aviation in Colorado. These 900-gallon capacity avgas trucks have an electric-vehicle chassis. The fueling module incorporates a Total Control Systems (TCS) 3000 electronic register with an added pressure switch, which allows the system in the vehicle to hold longer charges. EVTV also has orders for another 15 avgas refuelers while Garsite is currently is outfitting five or six with fuel modules. Plans for a 5,000-gal. refueler for Jet-A are also in the works.