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ESL ElectroScience

416 E. Church Rd.
King of Prussia, PA 19406-2625
United States

ESL ElectroScience and ESL Europe manufacture screen-printable pastes such as thick-film paste conductors, dielectrics and resistors (also known as thick-film inks, paints or coatings), ceramic tape systems (tape casting), and fired parts such as porous alumina and zirconia cover plates, SOFC substrates, MEAs, and both anode-supported and electrolyte-supported fuel cells. These advanced materials find application in hybrid microcircuits and multilayer microelectronics, electronic components such as inductors, capacitors and transformers, heaters on steel or other substrates, plus low and high temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC and HTCC). In addition, applications include photovoltaic solar cells, SOFC and other fuel cells, temperature/pressure/gas sensors, sealing glasses and other thick-film interconnect or metallization needs. For 2017, see ESL's new material systems for automotive planar oxygen sensors (switching and wideband), NOx sensors and other multi-layer HTCC components, our new ceramic setter release tape, and our new RoHS compliant alumina tapes 44009 and 44007-G.