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At the beginning, there was an engineer who « would allow as many people as possible to fly under conditions ensuring maximum security and optimum comfort »

In practical terms, a new aircraft had to be designed which combine the advantages of the plane (safety, range, cruise speed, inboard comfort) with those of the Light Aircraft (low purchase and low running costs, aircraft reasonable weight, low noise, large number of aerodromes, …

Still passionate about that flies, I support the Twin2 Ultra-Light Aircraft project, and especially so that project is supported by some of my colleagues and friends, former members of the Airforce pilots that I appreciate very much. For me, piloting is a very important brain and psycho-motor activity for harmonious human development. With its two motors and its « canard » front wings, the Twin2 allows it at lower cost and safely. In the near future, I hope to have the opportunity to personally evaluate the performances of that original and innovative Ultra-Light in its hybrid version.