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European Freight Logistics


Skywash International, manufacturers of aviation drywash products and EFL NV Exclusive Distributor Europe are partnering in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint in the aircraft cleaning industry in Europe.

Skywash and EFL NV Exclusive Distributor Europe are committed to promoting “green initiatives” by offering environmental and user-friendly products and providing efficient drywash technology and services.

Skywash International is the exclusive supplier for EFL NV Exclusive Distributor Europe of waterless cleaning products for interior and exterior, for the regions of Europe. Through EFL NV Exclusive Distributor Europe and Skywash, commercial airlines and corporate aircraft owners now have the opportunity to maintain aerodynamically clean aircraft, while making a positive impact towards the environment.

EFL NV Exclusive Distributor Europe and Skywash International are at the forefront of enabling a new era of eco maintenance technologies for the Aviation industries in Europe.

SKY-SE1 is the world’s leading drywash for aircraft. Developed to clean aircraft in locations with little or no water, the product is approved for major airline manufacturers including Boeing, Airbus, Douglas and AMS.

The product is applied by spraying (or spreading) a thin layer directly onto the exterior of the craft then spread out over the surface in 1sqm x 1sqm sections with a damp cloth. It is safe to apply on all external surfaces including the acrylic glass. The product has a dry time of a few seconds, or minutes, depending on temperature and is then wiped off with a second clean micro-fiber cloth, leaving a surface that is cleaned waxed and protected. The product can also be used in wet or dry conditions, you will simply use more cloths in wet weather as they become saturated.