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75738 PARIS CEDEX 15

We are the European Space Agency, dedicated to the peaceful exploration and use of space for the benefit of everyone.

We build and launch rockets and satellites. We train astronauts. We send probes to the far reaches of the Solar System and try to answer the big science questions about the Universe.

We develop missions at the cutting edge of space design and technology, and we’re working to make spaceflight safer and more sustainable.

We watch over our planet to understand how it works, and to protect and manage our environment, safeguarding Earth for future generations.

We’re active across every area of the space sector and bring its benefits to people in everyday life, as well as to businesses.

Established in 1975, we now have 22 Member States and for more than 40 years we have promoted European scientific and industrial interests in space.

Our Member States work together, sharing financial and scientific resources to achieve the best results.

We are ESA. We make space work for everyone. Space is the future and, through ESA, we are all part of it.