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ZAC des Florides
Carmine Island n ° 1
13700 Marignane

The company EXPIRIS is specialized in Study, Advice, Expertise, Control, Analysis, Training, and Environmental Expertise.

Our field is that of the control of corrosion and in particular by systems of paints or coatings including surface treatments for all substrates. We work by meeting the requirements and specificities of the fields of Aeronautics, Marine and Industry, in the difficult context of technological developments due to new environmental regulations (VOC, REACH, and others).


The EXPIRIS company is made up of a team of specialists recognized by professionals and an Expert at the Court of Appeal and at the Court of Administrative Appeal (Specialty in paint and corrosion).

Our areas of expertise revolve around the fields of surface treatment, painting, composite materials and the environment.

The company EXPIRIS will be able to guide you in the strategic choices of your company at each stage of the process allowing the control of corrosion and guaranteeing the functionality of the installations.We can help you, for example, in establishing specifications, paint specifications, cost studies, environmental studies of the paints to be used, chemical analyzes, expert reports, etc.

The challenge is to be able to meet performance and sustainability objectives.

Our mission is to prevent risks through state-of-the-art technical expertise, to be proactive and our ambition is to support you in your development.

To date, we have the honor of working for major contractors and have trained over 500 people over the past 5 years.