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RCM is one of the most powerful asset management processes that can be employed.  Contrary to criticism about the process, RCM can be carried out swiftly and efficiently when done properly.

Additionally, RCM’s principles are so diverse that they can be applied to any asset such as an airplane, nuclear power plant, truck, tank, ship, manufacturing plant, offshore oil platform, mobile air conditioning unit, tow tractor, jet engine, a single pump, or an engine control unit.  RCM principles can be widely applied to an entire asset or more narrowly applied to select pieces of equipment.

The name Reliability Centered Maintenance lends itself to a process that is used to develop proactive maintenance for an asset – and it is.

But RCM can be used to formulate scores of solutions that reach far beyond maintenance.  These solutions can offer tremendous benefit to an organization.  Nevertheless, when applying RCM, many organizations only focus on the development of a proactive maintenance program which doesn’t take full advantage of RCM’s powerful principles.