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Froude, Inc.

41123 Jo Drive
Novi, MI 48375
United States

Froude has always been the innovator of aircraft engine test equipment producing world-class products for world-class customers. We have two manufacturing and support centers — Froude, Inc. in the USA and Froude, Ltd. in Worcester UK and we design and manufacture a range of dynamometers, control and data acquisition systems and test equipment specifically designed for gas turbine engine testing. Applications include research and development, production and post overhaul testing, with products in use by most of the world's leading manufacturers, M.R.O.s and test facility suppliers. Our unique range of dynamometers covers applications from high-powered industrial gas turbines, direct and indirect drive turboshaft engines, turboprop engines and APUs. 

Well-proven standard test products are available for the majority of turboshaft and turboprop engines including the AE1107C, AE2100, PT6, T53, T55, T58, T64, T700/CT7, RR300, PW100 series, PW200 series, TV3, TP400, CTS800 and various others.

Froude's High Speed (HS) range of hydraulic dynamometers are specifically designed for gas turbine testing, and are compact, robust and low maintenance. The HS125, HS150 and HS2600 have a one-piece rotor shaft manufactured from a unique stainless steel forging. Designed for turboshaft and turboprop engine applications, each featuring interchangeable engine adaptor frames which allow several engine types to be tested on a single test stand. 

Froude's Standard F Type hydraulic dynamometers are designed for high accuracy of control, torque measurement and rapid load changes (response). Our range includes low speed, high torque variants for turboprop testing and higher speed, lower torque variants for turboshaft testing in uni- and bi-directional configurations. 

Froude dynamometers are high-performance machines and well known for their consistent high level control throughout the speed range. This is achieved through the innovative engineering behind our water outlet valve, rotor and stator design. We offer test systems that are high quality, easy to use and competitively priced.