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Hanley Innovations

P.O. Box 831514
Ocala, FL 34483-1514
United States

In 1988, after successfully defending my dissertation in fluid dynamics at MIT, I started teaching aerodynamics and compressible fluid dynamics at the University of Connecticut. This was also the dawning of the age of personal computers (PCs) with graphical user interfaces. I thought that if I could merge complex 3D aerodynamics (the realm of HPCs) with the ease-of-use and accessibility of the PC then students will learn faster! Design engineers will do a quicker job at developing awesome flying machines. To do this, I started Hanley Innovations, a leading developer of state-of-the-art aerodynamics and aerospace engineering software based on MS Windows operating system.

The PC is now grown up and getting faster and more powerful. They are essentially supercomputers with multi-core processing on your laptop or desktop. Our software has kept pace with these advances. The Stallion 3D Flow Solver takes advantage of multi-core processing in solving the 3D compressible Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations, the 3D laminar Euler equations 3D compressible Euler equations. Our software packages are complete and require no additional third-party tools for pre- and post-processing, geometry output and aerodynamic analysis. Hanley Innovations' innovative user interface designs serve the dual purpose of providing fast accurate solutions and intuitive understanding of the physical problem. Our software products are based on CFD methods and provide accurate physical results.

Hanley Innovations' products are used by entrepreneurial groups within fortune 500 companies, manufacturers, consulting firms, university research labs or individual consultants. Customers use our aerodynamic and CFD software to design and analyze full airplanes, UAVs, race cars, single & multi-element 3D wings, sailboat hulls, sailboat decks, hydrofoils, keels, rudders, kites, sails, multi-element airfoils, wind turbine airfoils, propeller airfoils, and other aerodynamic products.