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HELISIM Training Academy

Aéroport international Marseille-Provence
13725 Butte de Cornérate

Helisim provides flight simulator training for Airbus Helicopters medium/large twin-engine helicopters, including the H175, AS365 N2, H155, AS332 L1/L2, H225 and NH90, using the most technologically advanced Full Flight Simulators.
Helisim is located adjacent to the Marseille-Provence International Airport, nearby Airbus Helicopters headquarters and production facilities in Marignane, France. Pioneering the Level "D" simulators, Helisim operates the high-end of rotary-wing simulation in which all possible emergency situations can be replicated. This unique feature allows pilots to safely master the entire flight envelope of their helicopters.

We welcome trainees from the civilian, oil and gas, military and public services sectors.