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Hellenic Simulations Ltd. - Military Simulation & Training

Lavriou 76 Str.
14235 Athens

Engrg; consulting & mgmt. services; systems integration; testing & validation

-High Fidelity Real-Time (RT) military and commercial simulation utilizes detailed mathematical models of very complex dynamic systems and real-time control inputs for a zero-latency output of the interaction in a Photo-Realistic Virtual Reality domain.

-HELLENIC SIMULATIONS Ltd.  [ HelSim ] provides Engineering, Consulting  & Management services spanning the entire project life-cycle from Requirements Specification Analysis to Software Engineering,  Systems Integration, Testing & Validation.

-HELLENIC SIMULATIONS imports Image Generators, Display equipment and software tools for simulation applications.

-HELLENIC SIMULATIONS offers small & large scale distributed tactical simulation training systems for anti-terrorism & Urban Warfare.

-HELLENIC SIMULATIONS can undertake the development of any type and complexity  Virtual Prototyping for Real Time interactive simulation.

-HELLENIC SIMULATIONS's areas of expertise include visual systems and visual database development, real-time and distributed systems, network and systems administration, all of which are key factors in the design, integration & maintenance of simulation systems.

-HELLENIC SIMULATIONS also undertakes Project Management or Project Overview & Compliance Verification on behalf of the Customer, from requirements analysis to final delivery. 

-HELLENIC SIMULATIONS integrates Image Generators (ranging from single-channel consumer level PC-based add-on boards to multi-channel, multi-million dollar dedicated Image Generators) with display systems ranging from Head Mounted Displays (HMD) to full Geodesic Domes.

-HELLENIC SIMULATIONS utilizes best-in-class products and industry recognized best practices to design and integrate visual systems and visual databases tailored to Customer specifications.

-HELLENIC SIMULATIONS develops world class visual databases ranging from single geotypical structures for Urban Warfare all the way up to entire countries for your geospecific real-time virtual visualization needs.

-HELLENIC SIMULATIONS has the expertise for planning development & management of any type of Real Time visualization project: 

-Project Definition & Specifications 
-Project Analysis, Design & Prototyping 
-Digital Terrain, Dynamic Terrain 
-Satellite and Aerial Imagery 
-Orthogonized cultural 3d models 
-Pre & Post Processing, pipeline optimization & 
 application specific fine tuning 
-Validation and Verification 


-Engineering distributed simulation systems for military & commercial applications. 
-Modular, scalable, portable, and heterogeneous implementations.
-We develop mathematical dynamic models based on either theoretical aerodynamic analysis or from  real data (via data acquisition) to develop and validate working  prototypes. 
-Engineering for the Synthetic Environment
-Theater of War Simulations 
-After Action Review 
-Augmented Reality 
-Educational & Training Devices & Systems 
-Simulation Systems Performance Analysis