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HIL-Tech Ltd.

2119 Devon Rd.
Oakville, ON L6J 2A8

LEDline® is used for improving road, airfield, marine, mining and military safety and efficiency, by providing lit guidance anywhere, as well as outlining structures for aesthetics.

LEDline® is a linear, encapsulated LED lighting guidance system of embedded LEDs within a clear solid plastic matrix, which can be daylight or nighttime visible and is induction powered and connected (no hard wiring) or DC powered.

LEDline® is tough; corrosion proof; submersible; will take the weight of a ¾+ million pound aircraft, such as an A-380 or  Boeing 747; could be explosion proof (needs certification); and is visible in just about any weather including; fogs; blizzards; snow whiteouts; heavy rains; dust storms; or any other bad weather.