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Induction Innovations, Inc.

1175 Jansen Farm Court
Elgin, IL 60123
United States

Induction Innovations®, Inc. is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of high-performance induction heaters for over 20 years. Our headquarters and all manufacturing is located in Elgin, Illinois, just west of Chicago.

Our induction heating tools are designed to solve problems for repair technicians such as removing stuck or corroded parts and adhesives in a faster, safer and more precise way than using an open flame torch.

Induction heating tools allow users to salvage parts, some that may otherwise be discarded. When using a torch, consumables such as gas expenses can add up. By switching to induction heat, those expenses can be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Our products are manufactured in the USA with genuine OEM parts.

Induction Innovations Inductor ALFe® 3.5 Induction Heating System

Inductor ALFe® 3.5 Induction Heating System

Induction Innovations Inductor ALFe® 5.0 Induction Heating System

Inductor ALFe® 5.0 Induction Heating System

Induction Innovations Inductor® Pro-Max (PM-20000)

Inductor® Pro-Max (PM-20000)

Induction Innovations Inductor® Pro-Max PDR Kit (PMP1-1411)

Inductor® Pro-Max PDR Kit (PMP1-1411)

Induction Innovations Inductor® Pro-Max Fully Loaded (PM-200FL)

Inductor® Pro-Max Fully Loaded (PM-200FL)

Induction Innovations Inductor® Max (IM-IND2011)

Inductor® Max (IM-IND2011)

Induction Innovations Inductor® Glass Blaster (GB-20311)

Inductor® Glass Blaster (GB-20311)

Induction Innovations Inductor® PDR Baton Attachment (U-111)

Inductor® PDR Baton Attachment (U-111)

Induction Innovations Inductor® Fast-Off® Attachment (U-211)

Inductor® Fast-Off® Attachment (U-211)

Induction Innovations Inductor® Glass Blaster Attachment (U-311)

Inductor® Glass Blaster Attachment (U-311)

Induction Innovations Inductor® U-555 Attachment (U-555)

Inductor® U-555 Attachment (U-555)

Induction Innovations Inductor® Concentrator Attachment (U-411)

Inductor® Concentrator Attachment (U-411)

Induction Innovations Mini-Ductor® Venom® HP

Mini-Ductor® Venom® HP

Induction Innovations Mini-Ductor® Venom®

Mini-Ductor® Venom®

Induction Innovations Mini-Ductor® II

Mini-Ductor® II

Induction Innovations Mini-Ductor® 12 Volt: Battery-Powered

Mini-Ductor® 12 Volt: Battery-Powered

Induction Innovations Standard Coil Kit

Standard Coil Kit

Induction Innovations Long Coil Kit

Long Coil Kit

Induction Innovations Essential Coil Kit

Essential Coil Kit

Induction Innovations Thin Wall Coil Pack

Thin Wall Coil Pack