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infoWERK multimedia G.m.b.H.

Gutenbergstraße 3
70839 Stuttgart Gerlingen

infoWERK is one of the leading eLearning providers on the market. We offer a large and most comprehensive training courseware library for different industries but mainly aviation. Multimedia-based, self-paced and self-instructional off-the-shelf eLearning products are constantly developed and provided for target groups like pilots, aircraft mechnanics, FOOs, airport staff or car drivers. infoWERK's eLearning system solutions like the Learning Management System and Virtual Classroom as the core for successful training and teaching complete our training systems.

Beside our modular and integrated solutions and appliances for vocational training and professionals we also offer a total one-stop service for eLearning, eConferences, educational appliances and audio-visual systems for training and conference providers.