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Innegra fiber compliments other composite fibers lending itself to a variety of applications in a multitude of markets. Automotive, luggage, protective products, radomes, ballistics, and aerospace, to name a few, can benefit from the tough, lightweight, energy absorbing, and hydrophobic properties of our fiber. 

Innegra Technologies, headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, is an advanced materials company that delivers innovative high performance fibers which improve the performance of composite and textile applications. Innegra S developed in 2004 with commercial production beginning in 2009 in the US and Europe has an extensive patent portfolio. In 2013 Innegra Technologies received the JEC Innovation Award for the company’s newly released Innegra H fiber. Our primary product is a high performance olefin fiber Innegra S (HMPP) which is lightweight, tough, durable, hydrophobic, and recyclable. In composite applications when Innegra is combined with high modulus fibers, weight can be reduced, impact resistance and damage tolerance improved, expanding the performance of existing materials. Innegra Technologies is aligned with global reinforcement manufacturers to create an efficient supply chain in order to service industries including sporting goods, luggage & cases, automotive, industrial, military, aerospace, powered marine, medical, ropes, netting, and more. The company is dedicated to the continued development of high performance fibers with significant effort and resources dedicated to fiber and application development. Our R&D department is here to assist our customers and we encourage you to innovate and discuss your ideas. Together we can drive your application technology forward. Visit our applications page or contact us for more information. Together we can drive your application technology forward.