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INOVSYS is a structure dedicated to the transfer of innovation and supports companies in the integration of these. We were labeled Mutualized Innovation Platform in 2014 as part of the Investments for the Future Program. We intervene on study, realization, test, training services (Datadock labeling) and in subcontracting of R&D.

Detection of surface defects, character recognition, coating stripping, cleaning of mechanical assemblies ... INOVSYS uses its networks and methodologies to source technological solutions. There are many sources of information and many innovations. The search for the technological brick adapted to a specific technical need is complex and must go quickly to follow the ever shorter development and production cycles. Our value goes even further! Our engineers and doctors determine the validation actions and implement them to validate the solution as accurately as possible (simulation, experiment plan, virtual reality, layout, etc.). Our recommendation is then argued and the investment secure!