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North Korea

Since incorporation as a manufacturer of localized super-precision parts for semiconductor and LCD in 1993, IONES has continued to grow with continuous R&D and customer satisfaction. By establishing state-of-the-art cleaning and coating factories for semiconductor components in 2006, IONES has once more grown to the specialized parts and materials company having integrated solutions covering design of parts and cleaning and coating processes as well. In 2009, IONES has also launched the environmental business by developing adsorption materials, securing not only chemical air filter and AMC system applicable in clean rooms for semiconductor and display but also technologies for removing NOx and VOC significantly causing air pollution, and manufacturing indoor air purifier filters. Now, for ensuring continuous stabilization and growth, IONES is also stepping up its efforts for diversifying its business such as advancement to global green business and launching of the LED lighting business as part of the Korea’s nationwide green growth initiative.