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Jet-Alliance, Inc.

3390 Auto Mall Dr.
Westlake Village, CA 91362
United States

Executives who recognize time as their most precious resource find airline schedules simply too restrictive. The inconveniences of connecting flights, parking, schedule delays, etc. are at crisis levels with public transportation.

Ownership of a private jet can be expensive. The purchase of a new, entry-level corporate jet today requires the commitment of multi-millions of dollars. In addition, the operation, maintenance, and insurance costs can be staggering, not to mention the challenge of hiring and supervising a crew. Given that most privately-owned executive jets are unused 96% of the time, the justification of owning a jet is difficult to reconcile.

A common solution is co-ownership. By sharing ownership with others, the costs to the individual are dramatically reduced and the plane utilized a greater percentage of the time.

JetAlliance is now offering co-ownership interests in fully a equipped multi-engine jet aircraft located in Camarillo, California.