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900 Crest View Dr., Suite 130
Hudson, WI 54016
United States

At JETPUBS, our primary purpose and reason for existing is to make our clients’ lives easier. With more than 500 global clients, JETPUBS is an aviation services company that specializes in delivering tailored solutions for training materials and manuals management.

As the leader in this niche space, JETPUBS maximizes its competitive advantage to assist clients in improving the efficiency, safety, and compliance of their flight operations, in-flight, maintenance, and ground operations by delivering high-quality materials and services in print or digital formats. From managing content and revisions for manuals via the Online Manuals Service (OMS) to providing cockpit posters, static trainers, systems schematics, training apps, and graphics, we deliver unmatched solutions customized to meet our clients’ needs.

JETPUBS elevates aviation by unlocking access to uncommon service and five-star outcomes. Our staff, applying years of aviation experience, understand the challenges affecting those in the industry and provide expert manuals and training materials solutions, freeing our clients to focus on their core business. JETPUBS puts you in charge without putting you to work.