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JSC Rawenstvo

19 Promishlennaya St.
St. Petersburg
Primorskiy kray

For more than 65 years employees of SCo "Rawenstvo" provides the Russian fleet with modern navigation systems and creates a sophisticated medical equipment such as gamma-therapy unit "Rokus-R" for cancer treatment. For its rich history, the plant absorbed work and experience of several generations of workers, designers, technologists, managers focused on creating high-tech devices for military and civilian products. A large and friendly team of SCo "Rawenstvo" develops the traditions that have proceeded at the plant for many years. 

We always keep pace with the times, following all the innovative changes in modern radar technologies and actively pursuing a number of our own perspective developments. High scientific and technical potential, accumulated by SCo "Rawenstvo", allows the Company to successfully and timely master new lines of business. Today, many domestic and foreign ships and submarines are equipped with detection systems, and radar stations manufactured in our enterprise successfully operate in vessel traffic control systems (onshore VTS). In many clinics of the country, medical equipment such as "Rokus" treats cancer. 

Products with the trademark "Rawenstvo" are successfully used at various sites within the country and abroad.

Our company is always ready for business and mutually beneficial cooperation.

I invite you to get acquainted with the information about our company and take advantage of its capabilities.