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Kett U.S.

17853 Santiago Blvd., Suite 107
Villa Park, CA 92861
United States

Kett was started by four engineers in 1946.  After initially introducing a wood moisture tester and metal detector, it was their vision to design and manufacture portable handheld moisture analyzers. The goal was to provide a rice farmer with the same level of measurement quality available within government test labs.  As is still true today, the customer depended on the accuracy of this measurement and the reliability of his instrument to standardize the quality of his harvested rice product.  This standardization would provide him with an optimal harvest yield, maximizing his return on investment.

After the successful introduction of the Riceter, which is still the standard for portable rice moisture testing, the Kett development staff expanded into Coating Thickness Gauges for the emerging Japanese automobile industry.  In addition, they quickly released additional moisture testers for other agricultural applications and infrared Moisture Balances for general purpose moisture analyses.
Awards for instrument design and performance followed shortly after and continue to this day.

Today our focus is moisture and organic composition analysis, coating thickness measurement, friction, wear, peel, adhesion and other surface property analyses, rice quality instrumentation and other agricultural test instruments for the grain and seed marketplace.