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The King's Engineering Fellowship

Municipal Airport, 1410 Arizona Pl. S.W.
Orange City, IA 51041-7453
United States

The Angel, a graceful sleek pusher aircraft with fully retractable landing gear and seating for eight offers comfort and ease of handling plus a high load capacity, while providing the peace of mind of a twin-engine, STOL-capable airplane. With easy seat removal, the Angel can economically carry one or two medical stretcher patients and one or two paramedics.

Fully IFR Equipped

Certified to FAR 23

Dependable IO-540-M1C5 engines

Hartzell propellers

1,920 lb useful load

175 knot cruise at 75% power

222 usable gallons with no zero-fuel weight limitation

The Angel provides the safety and speed of a high performance twin, with the capability to use the short rough airstrips that typically only a single engine aircraft can safely navigate. The Angel's metal construction is simple, reliable and readily repairable. Made to take the punishment associated with STOL operations, The Angel comes equipped with large, low-pressure main tires for soft ground and rugged main gear that can take a beating. The cabin has been designed and tested for overturn loads, the engine mounts designed to contain the engines for loads up to 20g's, and the seats crash-tested to absorb energy and restrain occupants to 26g's.