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Laserline, Inc.

1800 Wyatt Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054
United States

Laserline is the largest manufacturer of High-Power-Diode Lasers. We have been serving and supplying the aerospace, space, and aviation industries for years with all components for a perfect laser solution for a wide variety of different application areas. Our unique top hat beam profile allows the perfect execution for all kinds of material processing applications, such as welding, brazing, repair welding (e.g. turbine blades), cladding for all kinds of super alloys (e.g. rocket nozzles), additive manufacturing (e.g. structural aircraft components made from titanium), heat treatment and hardening, and applying and removal of coatings or tape laying of fiber composites (e.g. pressure vessels or wing structures, fuselages). We work with all major companies in these areas; leading aircraft OEMs, spacecraft OEMs, major-tier suppliers, and many more, via our partners and integrators, and also directly.

Laserline High-Power-Diode Lasers

Lasers - The Right Tool In MRO Applications