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Legacy Aircraft Instruments, Inc.

5214 Diamond Heights Blvd., Suite F-633
San Francisco, CA 94131
United States

Legacy Aircraft Instruments, is an instrument, class 1, 2, 3, 4 and limited accessory, from an accepted capabilities list, as amended, repair station. In addition, we have extensive capability with repair and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable calibration, of aviation related ground test equipment.

With our division, Legacy-Tech, we have capability to reverse engineer, design, and manufacture aircraft instrumentation and ground test equipment.

Our specialty is "legacy" aircraft types including the Lockheed C-130, B-52, Lockheed P-3, Bell UH-1, CH-46/7(E), C-40 and Boeing 737"classic," among many.

Some of our special capabilities include complete system mock up, re-design, and provide replacement design for legacy Auto Pilot Systems, Compass systems, Fuel Flow Systems to name a few as examples. For more information on the tools used please see our Design Services.

Legacy Aircraft Instruments, Inc., is owned by Mr. R. Ganapa, M.S.E.E., and Mr. David Rogers. With engineers and technicians, Legacy Aircraft Instruments has a unique ability to maintain or if needed, engineer replacement solutions, to the instrumentation needs of mature aircraft.