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Lenoir Aviation AG

Bahnhofstrasse 28
6304 Zug

Lenoir Aviation AG develops and markets Lenoir water barriers.

The company was founded by Daniel Bourret in 1982. Lenoir Aviation AG started out marketing aircraft tires and accessories, and has continually extended its product line, which now includes even high quality medical technology.

Lenoir Aviation AG has been involved in the field of mobile, location-independent flood and storm protection for 15 years.

Swiss-manufactured Lenoir water barriers by the Lenoir Aviation Ltd have been sold internationally since 2011 with great success. All other Lenoir Aviation AG product lines have now been taken over by Lenoir Systems AG.

Lenoir water barriers are flexible and extremely quick to set up. They are amongst the best-selling mobile, location-independent water barriers in the world. The continuous development of our products offers customers the optimal solution for their individual needs.