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Librestream Technologies Inc.

895 Waverley Street
suite 110
Winnipeg, MB R0G 0A1

Librestream’s Onsight Mobile Collaborative Platform digitizes your worker’s day by giving them immediate access to augment content and remote experts. With Onsight, your experts can instantly access remote environments to help field workers make accurate decisions. The platform includes collaboration software for wearables, smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Onsight devices. Optimized to perform in real world field situations, Onsight performs in ultra-low bandwidth and highly secure environments. Improve aircraft availability by collaborating with live or recorded sessions with onscreen drawing, remote control capabilities and more. Use Onsight Workspace to create a knowledge base of Onsight sessions for training and mentoring of new workers.

Librestream remote collaboration solutions

Transform Your Workforce

Digitize the worker's day with AR, IoT & video

Digitize the worker's day with AR, IoT & video