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41-49 rue Léon Jouhaux
78500 Sartrouville

LUBODRY® PRODUCTIONS masters the special dry lubrication processes by impregnating microparticles of Graphite, Molybdenum Bisulfide or Tungsten Bisulfide.

LUBODRY® can be used on any solid substrate: steel, stainless steel, carbides, aluminum, copper, titanium, synthetic materials, etc., whatever the hardness of this substrate. The surface to be treated, finished machining and after any other treatment (thermal / surface), is prepared by precision microsandblasting. The roughness and microporosities thus created allow the encrustation of solid lubricant particles to a depth of up to 5 to 6 microns. In a specially designed enclosure, the graphite, MOS2 or WS2 microparticles are projected and bombard the surface to be treated to become permanently embedded in it. Temperature aging (60 to 140 ° C) is carried out if the part is immediately put into service.