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Maycast-Nokes Precision Engineering Ltd.

Factory Lane West
United Kingdom

Maycast-Nokes is a leading manufacturer of high-quality precision castings. We supply a variety of industries including the aerospace, defence, marine and premium automotive markets.

Maycast-Nokes is proud of its position as one of the most comprehensive single-site suppliers of non-ferrous castings in the UK. Operating from a modern site in Halstead (north Essex) the company is fully equipped with the latest technology to produce machined investment castings,  precision sand castings and gravity die castings of the absolute highest standard.

We aim to be the UK’s most versatile aluminium foundry, undertaking as many processes in-house as possible so that customers can source fully finished, production line ready components from a single source.

Maycast-Nokes remains a family-owned business, just as it was when it was formed in the 1950's when it was known as Evans Foundry. The company's success over the past 50-plus years has been as a result of responsible, sustained continual growth. Today, the company employs more than 130 people with an annual turnover of £6 million.