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Mentor Radio, LLC

151 Innovation Dr., Suite 320
Cleveland, OH 44035
United States

Mentor Radio’s family of  aviation ground support radios, the M2115, is designed to support current and anticipated trends in airport communications.  Mentor Radio’s newest addition incorporates many new features to increase capability while still remaining .

The M2115 is a fully synthesized radio utilizing Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology supporting either 25KHz or 8.33KHz channels, amplitude modulation (AM), as well as, digital modulation for handling both voice and  VHF data.  Completely programmable with up to 255 channels and 64 authorized users, all programming including security can be programmed from the front panel.

The M2115B includes a remote interface for additional users to connect local extension or tone remote controllers.  The M2115B adds remote channel selection as a standard feature.