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Via Grazia Deledda, 4
10036 Settimo Torinese BL

Operating versatility, high quality, constant precision and attention in the daily work, technological know-how, respect and regard of the customer: these are the “key words” and values that made MEPIT an excellent partners in those sectors which mostly need innovative and advanced solutions. MEPIT is therefore the company that, from over 45 years, gives shape to all kinds of material, with high standards of quality, pursuing perfection for many fields of application, such as aviation, energy and racing.

Since 1969 – the year of its foundation – MEPIT has been committed to continuous and constant evolution, which allowed the company to transform the industrial craftsmanship of the early days in hi-tech excellence, acquiring important and prestigious projects in various sectors of the mechanical components high-tech.

In MEPIT we work any type of material: from plexiglass to aluminum, from nylon to high speed quenched steel (64-66 HRC), from titanium to nickel and all the special steel alloys such as Inconel-750, Inconel-718, Hastelloy-X, 17-4 PH. In addition, in order to offer a full inclusive service, MEPIT is able to offer customers a finished product by collaborating with qualified suppliers, managing even special processes such as welding, heat treatment, surface treatment, non-destructive testing, varnishing and more.