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Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

5602 - 2nd Ave South,
PO Box 80266
Seattle, WA 98108
United States

In a market driven by demand for greater aircraft performance and commercial return, we understand the aerospace industry's need to innovate and improve material performance, application, and manufacturing. Our engineered products enhance both performance and safety on aircraft, and are manufactured in accordance with ATSM, FAR, BMS, and MIL specifications. 

With a focus on engineered thermal barriers and seals, our core technologies are frequently used to create products for aerospace safety and process-specific applications. Our area of focus for aviation applications continues to be on the development of new materials, the improvement of current material properties, and the application of current materials in new and novel structures.

Mid-Mountain Materials ARMATEX® SF 37 Jetstar Coated Fabric

Creating safe spaces for passenger boarding

Mid-Mountain Materials THERMOPAK® Engine Seals for Aircraft

THERMOPAK® Engine Seals for Aircraft

Mid-Mountain Materials Thermal Barriers

Thermal Barriers for Enhanced Aircraft Safety

Mid-Mountain Materials ARMATEX® Silicone/Intumescent Coated Fabrics

Protect Cargo with Intumescent Coated Fabrics

Mid-Mountain Materials ARMATEX® SF 10-No Flame (NF)

Flame-Resistant Coated Fabric for Aircraft

Mid-Mountain Materials ARMATEX® NF 14 CARGO TEX

Cargo Bay Protection with Armatex® NF 14 Cargo Tex Coated Fabric

Mid-Mountain Materials HYTEX® 2500 CERAMIC FIBER FABRIC

High Performance Ceramic Textiles for Aircraft Seals

Mid-Mountain Materials HYTEX® 2200 CERAMIC FIBER FABRIC

Lightweight Ceramic Fabric for Fire Barriers

Mid-Mountain Materials ARMATEX® SF2-12 No Flame (NF)

Flame Resistant Coated Fabric for Cargo Liners