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MKU was founded by Mr. GK Gupta in 1985 to manufacture and supply fibre glass helmets to the Indian Armed Forces.It started manufacturing body armour in the year 2000, when his eldest son, Manoj Gupta, witnessed the inadequate protection and outdated equipment used by Indian soldiers in the unfortunate 1999 Kargil war between India and Pakistan. Manoj resolved to bring the best armour technology to India. He along with his younger brother Neeraj set course for MKU to start developing and manufacturing advanced light weight armour in India. 

They soon realised that it was a very specialised field which required heavy investments and very large markets to succeed. They decided to make the world their marketplace and embarked on a journey to garner trust, technology, and expertise from across the globe. MKU became the first company outside US and Europe to manufacture light weight composite armour inserts. Today, MKU is at the forefront of technology and expertise in armouring, and is second to none globally. It has already provided protection to over 2 million soldiers and 2000+ platforms across the world. 

MKU diversified into Electro Optics in the year 2012 and acquired the entire technology to indigenously manufacture night vision and thermal devices in India