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New Age Chemical, Ltd.

3765 Kettle Ct., E.
Delafield, WI 53018
United States

New Age Chemical, LLC is a very unique, highly specialized industrial chemical and lubricant company capable of identifying and solving many of the complex, chemically related problems existing in today’s manufacturing sector. New Age not only has a very complete line of products suited for almost all industrial applications, but prides itself on the ability to provide, or formulate, unique products to fit any special situation. Users of New Age products throughout the world have obtained results never before thought possible by applying our “advanced chemistry” formulations to their production process with amazing results.
New Age’s mission is to provide the industrial sector with high quality problem solving chemicals at a fair price. Our technical approach to product development often times causes us to “think out of the box,” in other words, to develop approaches to problem solving that deviates from traditional approaches taken in the past. The innovative formulating techniques used by New Age laboratory technical personnel have allowed the company to develop many unique products that have achieved this goal.