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Newport Industrial Glass, Inc.

10564 Fern Ave.
Stanton, CA 90680
United States

Our operations have expanded to include Aquatic Optics which provides corrective diving lenses and a new division (fka the Hacker Glass Company) that  encompasses Corning's Pyrex 7740 tubing and rod products, colored glass rods (made by North Star and Glass Alchemy) and other flame working supplies. These operations have been combined with our historical activities of providing molded optical and Pyrex glass blanks, optical and finished glass components, tempered glass, astronomical products, over 300 different colored filter glasses, soda lime and float glass, micro-sheet glass,  fused silica, quartz and other technical materials for the consumer, scientific, commercial, industrial and military communities. We stock, fabricate from and distribute material made by Hoya Corporation, Ohara Corporation, Schott Glass Technologies, Kopp Glass, Corning, Pilkington  and other major glass manufacturers.