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Nobles Worldwide, Inc.

1105 E. Pine St.
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024
United States

Nobles Worldwide offers a range of ammunition handling & delivery systems supporting the full spectrum of small and medium caliber weapons. In addition to customized full system solutions, for small caliber weapon stations and medium caliber turrets, Nobles offers flexible ammunition feed chutes, flexible and rigid link eject chutes, ammunition storage magazines, gun mounts, and Engineered Weapon Solutions (EWS) support. As the sole source ammunition feed chute supplier to all F-series aircraft and naval close in weapon stations in the U.S. arsenal, as well as supporting a variety of land, air, and sea platforms worldwide, Nobles is the global standard for ammunition delivery and handling. Supporting over 40 different weapon systems in 50 countries, Nobles broad reach and unfailing expertise sets it apart from the competition.