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Norco Manufacturing

13448 DeBack Lane
Franksville, WI 53126
United States

Founded in 1962, Norco has evolved into a world class manufacturer of universal airplane hangar and industrial door systems through an ongoing pursuit of excellence in design, technology, performance, and customer service.

Norco Manufacturing Corporation was founded in Racine, Wisconsin in 1962 by the inventor and entrepreneur Norman Peterson. An accomplished aviator, Peterson knew his way around airplane hangars and sought an easier way to operate their heavy doors. From the original Norco retrofit hangar door wheeler, the company evolved with the design, to include fabrication of sliding hangar and industrial door systems, which solidified its position as a world class manufacturer.

Adding to the rich history highlighted by many national and global success stories, Norco was purchased in 1986 by company veteran David Eberle. With experience as a design engineer, sales applications engineer, and general manager for Norco, Eberle was able to expand Norco's worldwide presence, improve the design and manufacturing process, and embrace new technologies that have enhanced Norco's product performance and reliability. 

Norco offers a variety of bottom rolling airplane hangar and industrial door configurations to meet the needs of different applications around the world. Our attained status as an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, which further supports the company's commitment to high standards of quality and process improvement.

Today, Norco designs, manufactures, and installs its Universal Door System for large scale applications, including military and corporate hangars; commercial and industrial facilities; and unique architectural buildings. Norco also has the expertise to retrofit doors onto existing buildings.

Norco logo

Norco has evolved into a world class manufacturer.