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Omni International Jet Trading Inc.

9415 Jet Lane, Unit 3
Easton, MD 21601
United States

Omni’s   focus   is   exclusively   on   knowing   exactly   what   jet   aircraft   are   selling   for   and   how   to   best   maximize   our clients    position.    With    millions    at    stake,    better    information    produces    superior    results.    Omni    clients    gain immediate   web   enabled   access   to   all   similar   competing   aircraft   to   theirs   for   enhanced   market   awareness   and better   data   for   decision-making.   While   our   services   are   rated   among   the   highest,   our   commissions   are   among the    most    lowest.    At    all    times,    Omni    represents    your    best    interests    as    if    representing    ourselves.    Our commitment to integrity is one of the unwavering foundations of our success.