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Optimare GmbH

Fischkai 1
27572 Bremerhaven

OPTIMARE was founded in 1992 as the OPTIMARE GmbH. The primary goal of the company was to equip aircraft with sensor systems for remote sensing of marine pollution.

Shortly after, the company has strongly expanded its activities and has transferred its expertise also to new applications, as for example under water systems and polar survey aircraft.

OPTIMARE site at Bremerhaven.

As from 01 March 2013 OPTIMARE operates as OPTIMARE Systems GmbH. This company is a 100% affiliated company of the Aerodata Group. This notable step lead to a unique key solution provider for the airborne maritime surveillance business, combining aircraft conversion, mission systems and a range of own remote sensors from one source. Especially OPTIMARE’s active and passive remote sensing technology for the detection of marine oil pollution is a unique asset. Presently, numerous aircraft on the international market are equipped with OPTIMARE technology.

OPTIMARE covers a wide variety of expertise in optics, electronics, mechanics, software development through a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians. Its facilities at the technology center Bremerhaven provides modern laboratories, offices and workshops.

OPTIMARE Systems GmbH develops and sells sensors, remote sensing systems and data acquisition/network solutions for airborne and in-situ maritime sensing. As platforms, the company serves aircraft and ships as well as land- and underwater-operated carriers.