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Plane Detail

27 W. High St., Suite 212, Mt. Gilead
Powell, OH 43338
United States

Born out of a passion for aircraft and flying, Steve Rotermund never thought this crazy idea of cleaning airplanes would expand as it has. Eager to become a pilot during his high school years Steve agreed to clean aircrafts in exchange for flying lessons. In 1991 he decided to go full time and start his own company and Plane Detail started rolling from there.
Initially servicing private and corporate aircrafts only, Plane Detail soon found its true niche when it began cleaning for regional airlines in St. Louis in 1993. From these humble beginnings the company has grown to include dozens of Team Members at locations across the United States cleaning almost 20,000 aircrafts and saving 5,000,000 gallons of water a year creating “pleasant flights” for our airline customers.