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Precision Dial Co.

7240 W. KL Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49009
United States

Precision Dial Company  refinishes, repairs and manufacturers dials, data-plates, instrument panels and other close tolerance printed items.  We provide comprehensive refurbishment and repair services for aviation clients in the following areas:  Metal dials and pointers;  Back-lighted dials and pointers;  curved dials and surfaces;  refinishing of internally lighted and electro-luminescent panels;  repair of internally lighted panels, etc. 
Precision Dial Company has a Limited Airframe and Limited Instrument certification by the FAA for the "Repair and Refurbishment of Visual Display Components". This certification means that our products can be installed on production (type certificated) aircraft  More importantly, it means that our processes meet FAA requirements for Quality Systems and Inspection and that we perform all work in conformance to technical standards approved by the FAA.