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Prince & Izant Company

12999 Plaza Dr.
Cleveland, OH 44130
United States

Our Mission:
We strategically add value and provide innovative solutions for precious metals and brazing alloys that enable the world’s leading companies to uniquely differentiate themselves within their value chain. Relationships are the keys to our success and are developed through close customer alignment and a deep understanding of how our customers do business and how we can help address their pain points.
P&I continues to improve upon our business model with innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Pricing flexibility, carefully designed inventory programs and our scrap recovery solutions are just a few examples of how we alleviate our customers’ pain points. With 90+ years in the industry, our experienced team has touched a variety of brazing, soldering and medical manufacturing processes and are still excited by new customer projects and product applications we’ve never seen. Contact us today to talk about your material needs.

Brazing Alloys & Pre-Sintered Preform Solutions