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RdF Corp.

23 Elm Ave.
Hudson, NH 3051
United States

Welcome to RdF Corporation, the world's leading innovator in the design, development and production of surface, insertion and immersion temperature and heat flux sensors. Our multi-market innovations are especially important as applied in demanding aerospace and military applications. Most of the newest surface and immersion temperature sensors in use were originally introduced, engineered and manufactured by RdF.

RdF also offers NMB strain gages and load cells for OEM applications.

RdF has gone one full circle having been founded half a century ago by the inventors of bonded resistance strain gage technology. Now RdF also offers NMB brand strain gages for OEM transducer production. Also available are load-cells, custom sensors, pressure transducers, torque transducers and sensors for low cost, high volume applications.

RdF has allied with NMB to offer a broad range of measurement products. These include NTEP and OIML certified load-cells for weighing applications, torque transducers, pressure transducers as well as sensors for low cost or high volume requirements.