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82335 BERG

Reiser Simulation and Training (RST) has singular mission: to provide the tools and training to enable pilots and technicians to strengthen their professionalism and enhance their safety in real world missions.

We do that through a combination of highly optimized simulation products and systems, as well as hands on flying and maintenance training for modern rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Our high tech simulation systems and sophisticated training offerings are designed to replicate real-world scenarios for both military and civil pilots and technicians with unprecedented realism and accuracy, sharpening their skills to manage a range of experiences in the field.

The Reiser strategy is based on deep technical expertise and skills, crafted by years of designing and building advanced simulation components. The company is built on foundation of passion for flying, and honed over more than 30 years of working closely with leading aircraft suppliers, military and defense organizations and flight service operators. 

Starting with cable harnesses and various components in the company’s early years, our reputation has been built on understanding our client’s needs, applying extraordinary quality standards, and manufacturing the most reliable products of their class – a commitment that results in reduced operational cost for its customers.