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5 Impasse des Calandres
34420 Villeneuve-lès-Béziers

Delivering products in more than 15 countries, employing 150 people, Rochette  Industrie Group is a reference on the worldwide market of subcontractor for mechanical and hydraulic sub assemblies, integrated special processes and precision machining in key markets.

Manufacturing the hydraulic and mechanical assemblies, Rochette Industrie Group answers to the technological and industriel challenges its customers have to face in an ever changing world. We support you with our flexibility and agility to face these challenges.

Capable of integrating the whole product value chain in an international market, Rochette Industrie procure the material, machine as per drawing, integrate the special processes in house, assemble and test any customer design. Rochette Industrie Group is your key partner in any demanding environment.

It’s financial strength guarantee the stability of its branches

Cross fertilization of its talents improve its productivity

Sharing good quality policies and practices accross the group guarantee best in class manufacturing