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6780 ANKARA Adana

Roketsan, was founded on 14 June 1988 by the decision of the Defense Industries Executive Committee for the purpose of “Establishing a leading institution in the country for designing, developing and manufacturing rockets and missiles”.

Under the ‘European Common Stinger Production Project’ the domestic production of critical systems, which are composite fueled launching and flight motors and propulsion systems, was undertaken by Turkey. Because the composite solid fuel technology was not available in Turkey at the time, Ministry of National Defence (MSB) agreed to establish a new company for producing composite fueled launching and flight motors.

While meeting the requirements of the Stinger Consortium fully and on time, thanks to the suitable strategies adopted to fulfill its objectives Roketsan also succeeded in adapting the transferred technologies to new products with the qualified labor force it has brought in for the good of our country. Having exceeded the expectations, Roketsan has formed a national industry highly specialized in the field of rockets/missiles. Following the decision to be established in 1988, work on the company started in a rented building in İskitler, Ankara, with a core team of 25, all of whom were enthusiastic about the assigned national duty.

Construction of facilities started on an approximately 1,000 decare area in Elmadağ, leased to Roketsan by Undersecretariat of Defense Industries (SSM). The construction of the buildings and infrastructure necessary for the production was completed in 1991.

A large number of advanced technologies, infrastructure and experience which our country needed, were