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Sabikun International

19 School Dr., Bldg. 19-01
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
United States

We can supply all type of machinery, military supplies, under federal goverment rules and regulation, air support technologies equipment and related product, we can also supply engineers, and technical staff accrding to the need of the industrial project for the operation of the power plant, and petro chemical industries in different parts ofthe world. We can help in establishing busines here to sell your product and machinery.
We ahve all related expertises for the clients whosoever ask about their project needs. It is easy for us to supply you the used machinery as well to cheper prices as compare to the market due to our special contact relation with the seller. We also pay commission to the buyer who sell our product into their countries and that is already included in the price quote of the machinery and other product. It depends upon you whether you like to keep your commission here in any USA bank or it can be transfered to your given account in your country.