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Sabre Ballistics

The Old Naafi Coldstream Rd.
United Kingdom

We’re all about diagnostics, measurement, and data…

With our collaborative expertise and experience, we’re passionate about developing and delivering the fastest, most accurate, and long lifecycle solutions possible. Our portfolio of products include photon, neutron, gamma and X-Ray detectors and counters, the electronic pulsers that drive precision picosecond responses, our ballistic portfolio of ballistic test range equipment from gun-to-target, ballistic imaging and scoring solutions. These products provide critical results for our customers in defense, energy, light sources, research, and other scientific fields.

Our growing portfolio of products for light sources include the electronic pulsers to drive kicker, injectors and thermionic guns in the accelerator side, our Diamond Beam Position Monitors and electrometers provide white, pink and mono feedback and control, and our direct detectors provide novel capabilities for soft, tender, and hard X-Ray experiments.