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Safety Socket, LLC

49 Prairie Parkway,
Gilberts, IL 60136
United States

Safety Socket has come a long way since being acquired in 2004 by a private equity firm.  Once producing almost exclusively high-quality, standard commercial socket head cap screw product, the vast majority of the company’s shipments today are:

made-to-print specials;

military and aerospace product;

carbon-alloy steels to exotic stainless and everything in-between specials;

subjected to mechanical performance tests well beyond their installation requirements;

manufactured to a wide variety of specifications.

Once producing primarily alloy fasteners, the company now regularly turns out product in standard and exotic stainless materials like A286, 17-4PH, Hastelloy® and Inconel®.  Materials specifications such as B7M and B8M are daily occurrences.  Safety Socket has even extended it offerings into tougher alloy grades like H11 and 8740.

As its materials and drive style offering have expanded, so too has the number of industries served.  Today, our products can be found in premium oil-and-gas, acid-resistant valves; heavy earth-moving equipment; roller coasters; the M1A2 tank; jet engines; naval guns; recreational vehicles and nuclear reactors.