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SPARC, AO is one of the Russia’s oldest aviation repair enterprises. During many years of its history, it passed a long way from primitive workshops to a great repair company having the up-to-date equipment and highly qualified personnel.

The Aviation Repair Facility of Civil Aviation started its independent operation in August 15, 1931. The date of birth of the Facility is the point of departure in the history of the plant, that then has been transformed into the 21st Aviation Repair Plant, and then into Saint Petersburg Aviation Repair Company AO.

SPARC, AO offers its customers a complete range of the services to support the operation of helicopters, as follows:

- overhaul of helicopters and their components

- upgrade and installation of additional equipment

- maintenance of helicopters

- furnishing of VIP cabins

- delivery of spare parts, consumables and special equipment

- overhaul and maintenance of helicopters by sending on-site teams to a customer’s facility

- establishment of MRO facilities for the Mi-8/Mi-17 type helicopters.

NPO SPARC, AO also deals with research and production of test benches and new-generation systems designed to check and test equipment, units and assemblies of aviation engineering of any purpose (we have completed delivery to 12 countries).

Customers of over 60 airline companies from 30 countries employ the services of SPARC, AO and NPO SPARC, AO. Today, the company is a high-growing, dynamic and multi-purpose structure that actively works both in the Russian and foreign aviation markets. It is ready for cooperation with all partners who operate Russian helicopters.